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Dr. Jules is an emerging systems-based precision lifestyle medicine expert. She is a board certified anesthesiologist with deep interest in promoting and maintaining health, wellness, and longevity; without sacrificing aesthetics. She went to medical school at Uniformed Services University and completed her residency at Naval Medical Center San Diego. During this time, she achieved certification in integrative, alternative interests: aesthetics and acupuncture. She is a true “east meets west” physician and offers a unique perspective on mind, body, and spirit integration. She has had the opportunity to teach and mentor interns and residents at both Naval Medical Center San Diego and at University of Texas Southwestern. She was the Chief Medical Officer of 3D Medical Battalion with the Marines while living in the blue zone of Okinawa, Japan. Her extensive medical and leadership experience in the military afforded invaluable training in skills that will help catapult her in the emerging field of precision lifestyle medicine. She is personally committed to a healthy lifestyle with nutrition, exercise, sleep, and emotional wellness; cornerstones she integrates into the experience. With over a decade of anesthesia under her belt, she is ready to help her clients “wake up” to a better state of health and offers a unique skill set for emotional trauma and PTSD therapies. She aims to challenge the traditional thought processes to achieve what was once unimaginable; transforming her clientele into the superhumans they are capable of becoming!

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